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Cardio: Cycling/Spinning Class



If you already have a membership to the gym then Im pretty sure they offer some kind of spin class. It’s really good for your legs and if you’re contracting your core then you’ll work both at the same time. I like Yas yoga and spin. They have different locations that you can try. I always suggest cardio in a class because the music makes it a little bit easier and if you don’t have much motivation you will being surrounded by a group of others, including an instructor pushing you. It’s intense. The only thing that may be a bit uncomfortable is the seat. lol After a while your buttock might begin to hurt. They have seat covers that you can buy and use to make it more comfortable though. Try it! I wanna know how it goes if you do. Good luck! Oh, and they also offer a great yoga class. Here’s their website for any info.

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