The Joie of Health and fitness

Healthy eating and enjoyable, intense workouts.

classicfashion asked: Hello! I recently had a c-section like 4 days ago lol, I want to start working out, doing mild things until im able to start doing full blown work outs, do u have any suggestions on what I can do to start the process on getting my stomach to go down? Thanks so much Robyn

For now, no. Just wait. You don’t wanna infect your incision or anything

babyty0811 asked: Ok. I had a baby via c section 4 months ago and I gained 83, I lost 53 but I want to lose another 40. I lost the weight with the "just found out my man cheated on me" diet, but the not eating and working out isn't working. Are there any home workouts I can do with baby? I can only make it to gym 3 times a week. I had the cutest shape before my baby. He's a blessing but this body is another story!

Of course. I’ve tried the Brazilian butt lift lol I love it. Insanity is a good one as well. You should try herbalife and all you’ll need is 3 days a week of cardio. You’ll lose weight not working out.

createdlove asked: do you have any good recipes for healthy foods for babies ?

Healthy baby food. Well, the have the baby food maker that they sell online, at target and/or babies r us but what I did what steamed all the greens veggies and then just mashed them with a spoon or fork. And the fruit just cut up or mash. Bananas and peach, beets blueberry and banana. I mostly gave my daughter everything by itself

fellasleepearly asked: Any songs that get you through your workout that you could recommend?

Yes! I’m gonna be posting my playlist soon, maybe tomorrow.

k-twentytwo asked: You're the 3rd beautiful younge woman ive come accross with a work out/ healthy plan over these past 2 months and i am completely convinced now that is the way to go! lol. I'm excited now to tone up my body and more importantly eat healthier n feel lighter. Especially if the process looks so motivating like yours. Thank You! How often do you work out a week and for how long?

No problem :) I work out 5 times a week and about 1-2 hours depending on what workout I’m doing

itsonlytempsorry-deactivated201 asked: Good Afternoon! (I live on the east cost Maryland to be specific) I just read your entire tumblr page. (sighs) weph! that was a lot of reading but it was so worth it. Okay I'm messaging you because I'm currently trying to eat healthy. The goal I'm trying to establish for myself is a healthy body and weight gain because I'm twenty years old, 5'1 in a half, and I weigh 90.4 lbs. and I was hoping you could tell me what I could eat or do to gain weight?

Gain weight? Lol well, lots of carbs. You still wanna keep it nutritious though. Lots of pasta with veggies and chicken or fish, Rosemary potatoes, whole wheat breads. You would have to eat more bread and potatoes and flour basically lol hope that helps

shutupxkissme asked: Do you know if the company of the vegetable drink sell them online?

I’m not sure, I get them from wholefoods but I’m pretty sure if you google it they might.

therealsadie100 asked: u have the best blog on tumblr 4real <3

Aww thank you

lashanalove asked: Other than water, what are other liquids you drink? Like do you buy the packaged vitamin c powder than you can put in your bottled waters? I do drink alot of water too. No soda or juice. Anything else?

Just water for the most part. You can always invest in a juicer and make your own fresh squeezed juice.

chic-nic asked: Hi Joie! Your drive for fitness is amazing/inspiring! Could you please share what your diet is like on a typical day, how many ounces of water do you drink, and skin care regimen (which is flawless by the way)? You're so pretty!

Thank you so much. Now just eat balanced meals throughout the day. So every 3-4 hours. I always have snacks on me or I pack a lunch to go. Mixed greens or spinach with baked salmon or white fish. I drink 4 16 oz bottles of water a day. A little bit more if I’m working out. Hope that helps.